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Maria Shukshina

Maria Shukshina
Maria Shukshina is a Russian actress and TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia (2008).
She was born on May 27, 1967 in Moscow in the family of the writer, director and actor Vasily Shukshin and actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Maria’s younger sister, former actress Olga Shukshina (born on July 29, 1968) works in the church. Maria has an elder sister Anastasia Voronina-Francisco (born in 1960).
At the age of one and a half Maria starred in the short story “Bratka” (1969). In 1972 Shukshina and her sister Olga played Rastorguev daughters in the movie “Pechki-lavochki” and two years later Maria played the role of Masha in the film “The Birds over the city” (directed by S. Nikonenko, 1974).
A wise mother once said: “If you’re lucky, you will marry the film director. Then he will give you roles. And if not, then you will remain unemployed.” And after these words Maria decided to choose another, more stable profession. She graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages.

After institute Maria worked as a secretary – interpreter for several years.
In the mid-90s of last century Shukshina appeared in several films. The most notable was the role of Annie in the melodrama “American Daughter” by Karen Shakhnazarov. Then the actress starred in Peter Todorovski’s drama “What a wonderful game”.

Maria Shukshina russian actress

Maria Shukshina – beautiful actress

In 1998, Shukshina became a host of the TV project “Wait for me” on Channel One. Masha is also one of the judges of the TV show “Minute of Fame”.
At the beginning of the new century Maria decided to return to the cinema. She first starred in the comedy television series “The Perfect Pair”. Then she got the main role in the series “People and shadows. Secrets of puppetry”. In the TV series “Dear Masha Berezina” the actress played the role of Katya, who tries to make a career in the modeling business. In the TV series “Brezhnev” Shukshina became a nurse Nina Korovyakova, Leonid Brezhnev’s last romantic affair. In the popular TV series “Take me with you” Shukshina got the main role. In 2009 the actress played the main role in the film by Vlad Furman “Terrorist Ivanova”.
shukshina medvedev

Maria and Dmitry Medvedev

Personal life
Maria is a mother of four children.
Artem Tregubenko was her first husband. They have daughter Anna (born 1989), who studies at VGIK.
Businessman Alexei Kasatkin was Maria’s second husband. They have son Makar (born 1998).
In 2005 Maria gave birth to twins Foma and Foka. The father of the boys is her third husband, lawyer and businessman Boris Vishnyakov.
shukshina daughter

Maria and her daughter Anna

shukshina twins

Maria and her little sons

shukshina vishnyakov

Maria, Boris Vishnyakov and their children