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Maria Morgun, beautiful TV Host

Maria Morgun
One of the most beautiful Russian TV presenters Maria Morgun was born on September 20, 1984 in Moscow.
She is a TV presenter, journalist, correspondent, business reporter for the Russia 24 and RTR channels.
In 2004, Maria was an intern in the newsroom of the First Channel, where she worked for the next two years.
In 2007, the girl graduated from the National research university Higher School of Economics (HSE).
In 2006, Masha became a correspondent for the TV channel Russia -24. Her first business trip was to North Korea. It was a rare success for any journalist, especially for a beginner. She traveled around the world, making reports on international politics and the economy.
In 2009, she became a presenter of Economic News on the same channel.
Since 2010, Maria is an author and host of the television program My Planet, as well as programs, BBC News and I Can (with Denis Seminihin) on the Russia -2 channel.
Since 2011, Morgun works as a co-host of Grand Prix Formula 1 together with Alexei Popov on the Russia-2 channel.
On January 20, 2014 she was one of the torchbearers during the 2014 Winter Olympics torch relay in Volgograd.

“It’s awesome to work as a reporter. It is an interesting and useful profession. Every day you learn something new, meet new people. This is an opportunity to wonder and surprise most viewers. I like to find interesting topics and unusual things in everyday life.”
morgun maria beautiful girl
The work of a journalist is very much like that of a historian. A historian studies and tries to explain events of the past and a journalist does the same about the present. But to be a journalist is much more interesting than to be a historian because you deal with real events that are happening right now so you can even influence them. So journalists can influence the history.

Masha Morgun - beautiful TV presenter

Masha Morgun – beautiful TV presenter. Photo: Yu. Marchenko

Masha Morgun - beautiful girl

Masha Morgun – beautiful girl

Masha Morgun - beautiful reporter

Masha Morgun – beautiful reporter. Photo: I. Bernatsky

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