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Lolita Milyavskaya

Lolita Milyavskaya (maiden name Gorelik) was born on November 14, 1963.
Lolita is a Russian singer, actress, TV and film director.
In 1974, Lolita entered the band “Singing Guitars”.
In 1987, Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milavskaya created pop group, Cabare-duet “Academiya”.
Lolita and Alexander has recorded several albums and concerts were given in the CIS, Europe and the USA.

Lolita took part in the commercial video of “Hopper-Invest”, which later was bankrupt.
Since late 1995, Lolita and Alexander became the TV presenters of the program “Morning Post” (ORT), since 1997 they were TV hosts of “Good morning, our country!” (RTR). More than 10 years Lolita has performed with her husband, Alexander Tsekalo.
In 2000 Lolita began her solo career and released the song “Flowers”. On October 4, 2002 she played Matrona “Mama” Morton in the musical “Chicago”.
In December 2002, her photos were in the magazine “Playboy” (photo gallery devoted to the musical “Chicago”).
Lolita’s Husbands:
First husband – actor Alexander Belyaev.
Her second husband – Vitaly Milyavsky
The third husband – Alexander Tsekalo. They have a daughter Eva (born 1999)
The fourth husband – businessman Alexander Zarubin
The fifth husband – tennis player, Dmitry Ivanov