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Lidia Velezheva, actress

Beautiful Russian actress Lidiya Velezheva

Beautiful Russian actress Lidiya Velezheva

Lidia Velezheva is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia (2010), TV presenter and a member of the party United Russia.
Lidia was born on October 2, 1966 in Kiev, USSR. She has a twin sister. The girls didn’t know their father and the mother had to work hard in the factory to raise her daughters. That’s why the girls attended boarding school and spent a lot of time together. Since childhood little Lidia was interested in acting and she knew she would be an actress.
At the age of 13 the girl played her debut role in the film Waiting.

In 1988 Lidia graduated from The Boris Schukin Theatre Institute and then the young actress joined the Vakhtangov Theatre, where she played a lot of bright roles.
From 1989 to 1999 the talented girl played many bright screen roles. However, she still was a little-known actress. She became famous only in 2001. Lidia played a central role in the television series Thief.
During her career, Velezheva played more than thirty screen roles, performed in many plays, as well as tried herself as a dubbing actress and TV presenter.

Personal life
Lidia lives with her husband, famous actor Alexei Guskov, for many years. They have two sons Vladimir (born 1989) and Dimitry (born 1994).

velezheva husband

Lidia and her husband Alexei Guskov

Selected Filmography
1987 – The state border
1989 – Under the blue sky
1990 – The Enchanted Wanderer
1991 – Moscow Love
1999-2000 – Simple Truth
2003 – Idiot
2006 – Russian money
2012 – The eighth of August

Lida always wanted to play in films and now she is a talented actress. Dreams come true)


Charming Russian actress Lidiya Velezheva

Charming Russian actress Lidiya Velezheva

Talented Russian actress Lidiya Velezheva

Talented Russian actress Lidiya Velezheva

velezheva family

Lidia, her husband Alexei Guskov and their sons Vladimir and Dmitry