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Lena Perova

Elena Perova russian singer
Lena Perova is a Russian singer, TV presenter, actress, former soloist of Russian groups “Lyceum” (1991-1997) and “A-Mega” (1998-2000).
Lena was born on June 24, 1976 in Moscow. Her parents were musicians who worked in the Satire Theater for many years.
15-year-old girl joined the girls band “Lyceum”, where she performed together with Nastya Makarevich and Isolda Ishkhanishvili. It was Alexei Makarevich’s idea to create a group. Their debut on stage took place in the TV show “Morning Star”, where the girls performed with ABBA’s song “One of us”. A year after the band recorded their debut album “House Arrest”. In July 1997 Perova left the group.
The next stage of Lena’s life was an acquaintance with Andrey Grozny and work with a group “ A-Mega”. It was Zhanna Friskewho introduced them to each other. Lena was so fascinated by sexy brunette and even wanted to be a soloist of the girl band “Blestyashchie”.
In March 1999, “A-Mega” was invited as a special guest to the TV show “Musical Ring”, where Lena met Eva Polna, soloist of the band “Guests from the future”. Lena and Eva became very “close friends”.
In collaboration with Yuri Usachev (second soloist of the band “Guests from the Future”) Perova recorded solo album.
In 1999, Lena met Zemfira Ramazanovaat Maksidrom.

elena perova russian actress
Elena graduated from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics and the International Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.
In the movie Perova debuted in the cult film “Guest from the Future”, when she was a schoolgirl.
Perova played role in Philip Jankowski’s film “In Motion” (2002) and also performed the soundtrack for the movie – the song “Flying in the sky”.
In 2003, she participated in the reality show “Last Hero-3” (“Survivor 3”) on the First Channel.
From 2008 to 2010, Lena played one of the main roles in the television series “Margot”.
In 2011, the actress participated in the TV project “Cruel Games”.
In 2013, Perova appeared in the second season of the film “Angels & Demons”, where she played Tatiana Uglova.
Lena was a TV presenter of the program “Life is Beautiful” on STS channel, “The Right Choice” on MTV – Russia.
The girl twice appeared on the cover of the Playboy magazine.
perova lena beautiful girl
Personal life
There were rumors that Lena had a love affair with Nastya Makarevich, Eva Polna and Zemfira.
Lena was married to a son of the politician. Their wedding was a luxury one: famous guests, the sea of champagne, tons of caviar and expensive presents, including apartment and a car for Lena. According to unconfirmed reports, the bride ran away from Spanish villa. Lena returned all the gifts and went back to her parents’ flat.

band lyceum

Lyceum – Isolda Ishkhanishvili, Anastasia Makrevich, Elena Perova

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Look at the photo. Lena looks like Meg Ryan.
Meg Ryan Lena Perova

Meg Ryan and Lena Perova