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Lena Lenina

Lena Lenina writer

Lena Lenina – beautiful writer

Lena Lenina is a Russian and French writer, fashion model, TV presenter, actress, designer, businesswoman.
The beautiful blonde was born on October 25, 1971 in Novosibirsk, Siberia into a family of medical scientist, professor and cardiologist. Her year of birth is different in various sources: 1977, 1979 and 1981. But the age isn’t matter for a beautiful woman. Some media claimed that the maiden name of Lena Lenina is Razumova, and the surname of her ex-husband is Povalyaeva.
She studied at the Novosibirsk State University. In the early 90s Lena was a presenter of her own TV show “Helen-Video”. Then she moved to Moscow, where became a producer and a presenter of the programs “Paris revelation” and “Business fever” on TVC channel.
After moving to France in 2003, the girl participated in the reality show “Nice people”.
Elena played the lead female role in the film “Johann Bach and Anna Magdalena” (Fr. Il etait une fois Jean-Sebastien Bach), released in 2003.

lenina childhood

Lenina in her childhood

Lenina is an author of numerous books in Russian and French. In 2004, she published the first book in French “Cours, cours, camarade”. This book tells the story of the Russian transition from socialism to capitalism in the late 1990s and the story of Russian Cinderella, the simple Russian girl who once became famous in France.
In 2005, her first book in Russian “Perfection. Passion for excellence” was published in Russia.
In May 2006, the prestigious publishing house Grasset released her book “Russes comme Cresus” about how young guys become billionaires. Russian language version of the book “Multimillionaires” was published in May 2006 and immediately became a bestseller.

lenina lena

Elena – successful writer

Lena is fond of music. In October 2007, she released her first music album “In my phone”. In 2011 she recorded a joint CD with Alexander Barykin.
In 2008, Lenina participated in the TV show “50 blondes”. In the same year Lena published an album of her erotic photos.
In 2010, in the number of cities in Russia and abroad Lenina held master classes for women on “How to seduce any man”.
Lena is a face of various advertising campaigns for the French and Russian manufacturers of fashionable women’s clothing, jewelry, perfume, hair care and skin care. As a person of such campaigns, she participates in the Cannes Film Festival ceremonies.
In the autumn of 2012 Elena married Count Pascal Florent-Edward in Bali.

lenina husband

Elena and her husband Count Pascal Florent-Edward

lenina lena

Elena – beautiful girl

lenina Van Damme

Elena and Jean-Claude Van Damme