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Lada Dance

Lada Dance, popular Soviet and Russian singer

Lada Dance, popular Soviet and Russian singer

Lada Dance is a popular Soviet and Russian jazz and dance music singer, actress. Her real name is Lada Volkova. Her popularity peaked between 1992 and 1996, and then she abandoned her career. In the late 1990s, she also worked as an erotic model for some time. In December 1996 the girl appeared on the cover of Playboy. In 2002 she played one of the lead characters in the Russian TV sitcom Balzac Age, which has been dubbed Russian Sex and the City.
Lada was born on September 11, 1972 in Kaliningrad. In 80s she moved from her home town to conquer Moscow. In 1988, at the final concert of the pop songs festival Jurmala-88, Lada met Alina Vitebskaya and Svetlana Lazareva. And soon the girls form a trio – Female Council. Alina’s husband – Khariton Vitebsky, became their producer. Three charming girls in miniskirts and flashy red armbands Female Council on the sleeves immediately became popular and often end up in various TV programs. Instead of songs about love the girls decided to sing songs about social problems. Soon such songs became unfashionable and the trio broke up.
For a while Lada worked as Philip Kirkorov’s backing vocalist.

In 1992 the girl started her solo career. And in 1993 her debut album entitled Night Album was released.
In 1994, Dance sang duet with Leo Leschenko.
Lada studied at the same school in Kaliningrad as Lyudmila Putina and Oleg Gazmanov.
dance koroleva

Natasha Koroleva and Lada Dance in their youth

Personal life
Composer Leonid Velichkovsky was Lada’s first husband.
Businessman Pavel Svirskiy became her first official husband, but they divorced. Lada and Pavel have two children: son Ilya (born in 1998) and daughter Liza (born in 1999).
Lada Dance chilren

Lada and her children

Lada Dance chilren

Lada and her children

Night album (1993)
Dances by the sea (1994)
Taste of love (1996)
Fantasies (1997)
Island of love (1997)
When the gardens are in blossom (2001)
How I loved (2002)
Control kiss (2005)

Selected filmography
1995 – Old songs
2002 – Return of Mukhtar
2005 – My personal enemy
2006 – Spanish voyage
2009 – The Way
2009 – Territory of beauty
2012 – Mexican voyage

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dance leshchenko

Lada and Leo Leshchenko

dance vorobiev

Lada and Alexei Vorobiev

Dance Lada Russian singer

Charming singer Lada

Dance Lada Russian singer

Lada – Soviet and Russian singer