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Karina Zvereva – Russian comedian

Karina Zvereva
Karina Zvereva is a Russian film and theater actress, dancer, model, singer, TV presenter, comedian. She is a very beautiful and talented girl.
Karina was born on June 2, 1977 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). The little girl danced, played the piano, sang in the choir.
Zvereva studied at the University for the Humanities and at one of the university concerts she met her future husband, famous Russian comedian, Gennady Vetrov. Their marriage took place in 1997. Vetrov’s first wife was Anastasia Smolina, who gave birth to their daughter Ksenia.
After graduation from the University, Karina joined the dance group “Fantasy show”.
In 1999, Karina and Gennady moved to Moscow, where they took part in the comedy project Anshlag (Full House).
Later Vetrov created his theater “Windy people” where his wife had her own show “Karina Zvereva Show”.
In 2003, songwriter and producer Andrey Grozny invited Zvereva to replace Zhanna Friske in the group Blestyaschie, but Karina refused because of her husband.
In 2011 Karina and Gennady divorced. Now she has a boyfriend.

As a belly dancer Karina worked with singer Soso Pavliashvili. She is a soloist of the band BeBiZ (producer Vladimir Ferapontov).
Karina took part in different erotic photo shoots. She worked with famous photographers such as Konstantin Lelyak, Aleksey & Marina, Elena Sikorskaya, Seva Galkin, Martha May (Alena Ignatieva).
In theater Karina acted in such plays as “Clara, money and love”, “Star Boys”, “Hello, I’m your mother-in-law!”, and in circus musical for adults “How much is love”.
Karina is a member of almost all entertainment programs of Russian central television channels: ORT, RTR, NTV, TVC, etc., as well as a member of various humorous performances.
Karina participated in most famous comedy programs such as “Full House”, “Funny People”, “Laughing is allowed” and others.

Work on television:
RTR channel: Jurmala, Izmailovsky Park, Laughing is allowed, Full House.
ORT channel: Funny People, as well as participation in various shows and team benefits.
In 2014 Zvereva starred in famous sitcom Fizruk.

Karina Zvereva – Russian comedian

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