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Irson Kudikova, beautiful singer and saxophonist

Irson Kudikova
Irson Kudikova is a Russian pop singer, model, saxophonist, music producer, actress, participant of the TV project Star Factory-5.
The singer’s real name is Irina. Irina Kudikova was born on September 17, 1982 in Moscow. She graduated from music school. 15-year-old girl was invited to become the soloist of the group “Children of vinyl” with the support of Alexander Tsekalo.
In 2004, Kudikova became the participant of the TV project Alla Pugacheva’s Star Factory-5, where Victoria Daynekobecame a winner. The first song which brought popularity to Irson was a composition “Why”. After the end of the TV project Irson signed a contract with Igor Matvienko Production Center.
In 2005, she appeared in a Maxim magazine photo shoot.
In May 2007, a big solo concert entitled “Irson Jazz Show” took place in Moscow. The singer sang her songs and played the saxophone.

Kudikova recorded several joint compositions with such international stars as Al Bano (song “Ci Sara”), Snoop Dogg and Warren G.
In 2009 in Los Angeles Irson met with the star of the American rap Snoop Dogg. They recorded a joint song “Replay”.
In 2011 in Los Angeles, Irson recorded “Innocent” in a duet with famous American rapper Warren G.
In 2010, the singer founded “Irson Production” company.

kudikova Snoop Dogg

Irson and Snoop Dogg

Irson is keen on sports. The girl is Master of sports (basketball) and sports school of Olympic reserve graduate. She is a professional car driver and has finished courses for bodyguards. The singer is also fond of swimming, track and field athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, and also enjoys horseback riding.
Kudikova is an owner of the jewelry company “Golden heart” and was a co-owner of the security enterprise “International League of Professional Bodyguards”.
Irson is married to businessman Alexei Nusinov. Kudikova is a mother of three children.
“Children are my inspiration,” she says.

kudikova family

Irson, her husband and their children. Photo:

kudikova husband

Irson and her husband

In March 2009, The Globe tabloid reported that actor Mickey Rourke proposed marriage to Kudikova. She was quoted as saying, “He told me, “You’re a fantastic woman. I want to marry you.” But it was only beautiful compliment.
In the same year Dolph Lundgren invited Irson to play in the blockbuster “Command Performance”.

kudikova Dolph Lundgren

Irson and Dolph Lundgren

kudikova pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva became the person, who changed Irson’s life

kudikova irson beautiful singer

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