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Irina Volk – beautiful police woman

Irina Volk police woman

Irina Volk – beautiful police woman

Irina Volk is a very beautiful police woman, police Lieutenant Colonel, the Head of Press Service of Economic and Anti-Corruption Security, Department of Moscow, Russia.
Irina was born on December 21, 1977 in Moscow, USSR. Her mother is a lawyer and an artist, but she decided that drawing is more a hobby for her. Her father is an artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the International Organization of Artists, an iconographer.
She is not only beautiful, but clever woman. Volk is a Doctor of Law, author of publications and books on legal subjects, the writer. She is an author of articles and columns in newspapers and magazines. Irina is the winner of the national competition of the Russian Interior Ministry “Shield and Feather” in the category of “MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) – time for change”. She takes part in operational activities.

The police woman was awarded various Russian Interior Ministry awards.
She is an author of such books as Enemies of my friends (2008), Temptation of Modigliani (2009), Mystery of the old castle (2011).
Irina is a TV hostess of the NTV program on crime Warning: Search!
Irina graduated from modeling school. She is elegant in both uniform and evening dresses. The girl even takes part in fashion shows.
volk irina beautiful police

Beautiful Irina – police queen

Irina is married and has a son.
She has to work with a very difficult information and to relax at home she reads interesting books, goes for a walk with her family. She is also fond of skiing and skating. Irina likes going to the theater, cinema with her husband, travel and simply have fun. All her free time she spends with her family. Irina tries to be a mother, teacher and friend for her son.
She can shoot well and likes to cook. Incredible woman!
volk irina beautiful girl

Police woman Irina looks like a model.

volk irina tv presenter

Irina Volk – charming woman