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Irina Apeksimova, actress

Irina Apeksimova russian actress

Irina Apeksimova

Irina Apeksimova is a Russian theater and film actress, singer, theater director and television presenter.
Irina was born on January 13, 1966 in Volgograd in the family of musicians. She was the second child in the family, her older brother is Valery Apeksimov. Now her brother is a jazz composer and pianist and lives in the United States. Their father was a piano tutor at first at music school, then at a conservatory, and mother was a choirmaster at the Theater of Musical Comedy and later a choir conductor at a conservatory. So children were surrounded by talented people.
As a child Irina spent a lot of time at the musical theater, where she did her homework and played. When Irina was eight years old her parents divorced and her mother took the girl and moved to Odessa. After graduating from school Irina went to Moscow to enter the Moscow Art Theater School. But the girl was rejected because of her Odessa accent. Apeksimova returned to Odessa and entered the Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy.

A year later she tried to enter the Moscow school, but failed again. So the girl returned to Volgograd and entered the Theatre of Musical Comedy. A year later, Irina tried to enter the Moscow Art Theater School for the third time. And she was lucky! In 1986 the girl joined Oleg Tabakov’s workshop, where she met her future husband Valeriy Nikolaev. She studied together with future Russian stars – Vladimir Mashkovand Yevgeny Mironov, with whom she starred in the film Limita in 1994.
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Irina – beautiful Russian actress

After graduating from the Theater School in 1990 Apeksimova joined the studio at the Moscow Art Theatre, where she stayed until 2000.
In 1994, the actress won the Best Actress Award at the Paris Film Festival for her role in the film October.
Irina also tried herself as a singer, TV presenter and participated in a variety of television projects. In 2003, she was a presenter of the game show Temptation, from 2006 to 2009 was a presenter of the morning show Good Morning on Channel One. In 2006 the actress sang a duet with Russian singer Alexander Marshal and in 2009 Irina sang a duet with Larisa Dolinain the TV project Two Stars.
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Charming Irina

Now Apeksimova is divorced. Her daughter Dasha was born in 1995.
apeksimova husband

Irina and her ex-husband Valeriy Nikolaev

apeksimova daughter

Irina and her daughter