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Gosha Kutsenko, film actor

Gosha Kutsenko, film actor

Gosha Kutsenko, film actor

Yuriy Kutsenko (better known as Gosha Kutsenko) is a Russian actor, producer, singer, poet, and screenwriter, Honored Artist of Russia (2013). Gosha is known for his roles in such films as Mama Don’t Cry (1998), Antikiller (2002) and the vampire franchise Night Watch (2004) and Day Watch (2006) directed by Timur Bekmambetov.
He was born on May 20, 1967, in Zaporozhie, Ukraine, USSR. His grandmother was an opera singer.
After graduation from school, Kutsenko studied at the Lvov Polytechnic Institute, but gave up studying and served in the Soviet Army for two years. In 1988, Gosha and his parents moved to Moscow. In the same year he became a student of the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics. Eventually, two years later it was also given up.

Since his childhood Gosha had speech problems. Although he was named Yuri, after Yuri Gagarin, he could not pronounce his name, so he got the nickname Gosha. His speech was also peppered with the Ukrainian accent, so he had few chances of becoming an actor in Moscow. However, in 1990 he became a student of the Moscow Art Theatre.
Kutsenko made his film debut in Chelovek iz komandy Alfa (1991) and in Mummy from a case (1991). He was a host of the popular Music-TV show in Moscow.
Kutsenko is an avid sportsman specializing in boxing and wrestling, he is also an amateur kart-racer.

Personal life
From 1992 – 1997, Kutsenko was married to an actress Maria Poroshina, and they have a daughter Polina (born in 1996).
His second wife is a fashion model Irina Skrinichenko. On June 23, 2014 Irina gave birth to their daughter Evgenia.

kutsenko poroshina

Gosha and his ex-wife Maria Poroshina

kutsenko Skrinichenko

Gosha and his wife Irina Skrinichenko

Selected filmography
1994 – Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle
1995 – Under the Sign of Scorpio
1997 – La Dame de Monsoreau
2000 – 33 square meters
2002 – Solitude of Blood
2002 – Special Forces
2003 – Criminal Tango
2005 – Narrow Bridge
2005 – Turkish Gambit
2008 – Kings Can Do Everything
2008 – Indigo
2008 – Thirteen months
2009 – The Inhabited Island
2010 – The Irony of Love
2011 – Manipulator
2011 – My boyfriend is an angel
2013 – Game of truth
2013 – Unreal Love
2014 – Entertaining ethology

Gosha Kutsenko, film actor