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Gogen Solntsev, most famous Russian freak

Gogen Solntsev
Gogen Solntsev is the most famous freak in Russia and Goth icon. He is a presenter, singer, actor, director of “Gogen Solntsev’s Theatre of Horrors”.
His real name is Ilya Solntsev.
Ilya was born December 5, 1980 in Moscow in the family of a school teacher and Greek embassy worker. His parents divorced when he was a little boy and Gogen was brought up by his grandmother. They lived in poverty, but the boy was always surrounded by love and care.
Gogen’s debut performance took place in the school chorus. After school Solntsev wanted to enter the theater school, but he didn’t have enough money.

For five years Gogen worked as a teacher in the children’s theater studio. In the evenings he performed in clubs.
Soon Gogen met Tatiana Boitsova, who invited him to collaborate with the Children’s Television Academy. He took part in the children’s TV programs: “Cactus and Company”, “Right now, I will sing”, “Krugolya” etc.
Then Solntsev tried to enter theater schools, worked as a perfume seller, sold theater tickets, acted in night clubs.
One day Gogen met one notable TV producer who invited him to take part in a reality show on MTV. Then he participated in different TV shows, such as Dom 2, Danger Zone and others.
His first concerts weren’t popular. Nevertheless, he organized “Theatre of Horrors”, where spectators are brought to catharsis through shock therapy.
Gogen writes a book titled “Image race against time”.
Solntsev realized his first album “Freakin Aroun Show”.
At a party Gogen met Kairat Kantridze who became the administrator of his group. They began traveling abroad with their show. They performed in Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, where he received the Grand Prix of the festival “Bravissimo” in San Marino.
Once Solntsev said, “Be yourself, do not wear a mask, because then no one can see real you”.
Gogen Solntsev Russian freak
2006 – “The Detectives” TV series.
2006 – “Silent Witness” TV series
2007 – “Congress” (directed by Ofinogenov)
2008 – “Next” TV series
Participation in TV programs
2005 – MTS TV commercial
2005 – “Let Them Talk” (Channel One).
2006 – “12 Angry Viewers” (MTV-Russia).
2007 – “The show News” (TNT).
2007 – “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova” (TNT).
2008 – “Dom-2” (TNT)
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