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Galina Loginova and Milla Jovovich

Galina Loginova and Milla Jovovich

Galina Loginova and Milla Jovovich

Galina Loginova is a Russian-American actress and mother of the famous actress and model Milla Jovovich.
Galina was born on October 28, 1950 in Tuapse, USSR into the family of the Red Army officer. Her parents divorced and she was raised by a single mother.
In 1972 Loginova graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography. Her first role was in the popular television series Shadows Disappear At Noon (1971). Her most famous roles are the role of Beatrice in the film Much Ado About Nothing (1973) and Molly in the crime drama Millions of Fairfax (1980).
In 1973 Galina left Moscow and joined the Dovzhenko Film Studio in Kiev.

In Ukrainian restaurant Lebed (Swan) she met a Serbian doctor, Bogdan Jovovich. They fell in love with each other and despite the pressure and threats from the KGB (Galina couldn’t have a romance with a foreigner), they married. On December 17, 1975 Galina gave birth to their daughter, Milla.
In early 1980s, Galina Loginova-Jovovich with her husband and daughter emigrated from the Soviet Union. The Soviet government immediately banned all films with her participation. The family spent several years in London, and then they moved to the U.S. During the 1980s Galina worked as a housekeeper in the house of Hollywood director Brian De Palma.
Galina became the agent for her daughter, Milla Jovovich, and was instrumental in building her successful career.
In 1991 Galina’s husband was arrested and imprisoned for 7 years. Galina and Bogdan divorced in 2000.
In 2011 Galina played the role of Alla Nazimova in American feature-length silent film Silent Life, based on the life story of the first Hollywood sex symbol Rudolph Valentino.

loginova husband

Galina and her husband

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Galina, her husband and little Milla

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Galina Loginova and Demi Moore (source


Galina Loginova and Milla Jovovich