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Erik Bulatov – Soviet painter

Erik Bulatov
Erik Bulatov is a Soviet-Russian painter, one of the founders of the social art.
Erik was born on September 5, 1933 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg ) and raised in Moscow. His father, a communist, died during World War II in Pskov.
In 1958 Bulatov graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov. Since 1959 he had worked in children’s publishing house “Detgiz”.
In 1957 Erik began to exhibit his paintings in Moscow and in 1973 abroad.
Since 1992 Erik lives and works mainly in Paris.

In the 1960s Bulatov formed the Sretensky Boulevard Group. It was an association of like-minded artists where they could discuss and show their work as they were not permitted to do so in “official” settings. It is known today as the “Moscow School” of contemporary Russian art.
Bulatov’s works are sold at the auctions of contemporary art. At the auction “Philips” his work “Soviet space” was sold for about $ 1.6 million, two Soviet paintings, including “The Revolution – Perestroika”, were sold for a million dollars each, making Bulatov the most highly paid contemporary Russian artist.
He was the first Russian, whose exhibition was held at the Pompidou Center – one of the most prestigious venues in France. He managed to become an innovator of modern art from an unknown children’s book illustrator.
Many Bulatov’s works are in private collections in Europe, Russia and United States. In 2008 he became an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Bulatov and his most expensive painting

Bulatov and his most expensive painting

Bulatov’s most expensive and famous paintings
Horizon 1972

Horizon. 1972

I live, I see 1987

I live, I see (1987)

Perestroika 1988

Perestroika. 1988

Russian 20th Century

Russian 20th Century (1990)

Soviet Space

Soviet Space

Other Bulatov’s works
Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape

Opasno Dangerous

Opasno (Dangerous)

bulatov Margaret Rismondo

Margaret Rismondo (Boulevard Raspail)

Bulatov Russian painter

Bulatov and his wife

Bulatov and his wife

Bulatov and his wife

Bulatov and his wife