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Elena Korikova – beautiful actress

Elena Korikova

Elena Korikova – beautiful actress

Beautiful blonde Elena Korikova is a Russian actress.
She was born on April 12, 1972 in Siberian city Tobolsk. But then her family moved to Rostov, where young girl joined Drama theater.
At the age of 17 Lena went to conquer Moscow, where she successfully passed the entrance test and entered the Moscow Institute of Cinematography. Her debut role was in a fairy tale “Ha-bi-aces” directed by Anatoly Mateshko, where she starred with Vladimir Mashkov.
Her role in the film “Mistress into Maid” by Alexei Sakharov was one of the brightest. For this role, Elena was awarded a prize at the film festival “Kinoshock” and the Nika Award for “Best Actress”.
Elena played role of Tanya in the drama “Mu-Mu” by Yuri Grymov.

Korikova can be seen in music videos for songs of many Russian stars, such as Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Dmitry Malikov, Valery Leontiev, Leonid Agutin and Igor Krutoi.

korikova childhood

Elena in her childhood

In the second half of the 90s, Elena together with band “Pop- Mechanics” recorded “Children’s Album”.
In late 90s Korikova, her husband Maxim and son Arseny moved to America, where they stayed for few years. In the USA Elena tried herself as a model and an actress. Soon they came back to Russia. Korikova immediately received an invitation to join Contemporary Theater, where she worked for three years but left it in 2004.
The actress became popular after her role in the TV series “Poor Nastia” (Bednaya Nastya). She played serf actress Anna Platonova, who was fighting for her right to be happy.
In 2005, Korikova was titled the second sexiest woman of Russia.
In 2008, the actress took part in the recording of the song “Bad girl” by “Vintage”.
Korikova participated in numerous television projects, for example, in the TV show “Two Stars”, “Circus with the Stars” and “Dancing with the Stars”. She was a TV presenter of the TV show “Fort Boyard” in 2006.
korikova elena russian actress
Personal life
Dmitry Roschin, the son of the actress Ekaterina Vasilieva and playwright Mikhail Roschin, was Elena’s classmate at the Institute of Cinematography. When Elena found out that she was pregnant, Dmitry immediately made a marriage proposal to her. However, Ekaterina Vasilyeva didn’t like the girl and was against the wedding. So Dmitry didn’t marry Korikova. Now he works in the church and doesn’t communicate with his own son Arseny.
Elena and her son starred together in the film “Captain’s Children” in 2006.

korikova roschin

Elena and Dmitry Roschin

korikova son

Elena and her son Arseny

Korikova’s first husband was writer Dmitry Lipskerov.

korikova lipskerov

Elena and Dmitry Lipskerov

During the filming of the music video for Dmitry Malikov’s song “Golden Dawn” Korikova met cameraman and director Maxim Osadchiy. Maxim became her husband and the father for her son. But the couple broke up.

korikova osadchiy son

Elena, Maxim Osadchiy and her son

korikova osadchiy

Elena and Maxim Osadchiy

There are rumors that Elena had love affairs with famous TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, tennis player Marat Safin and actor Andrey Chernyshov.
In 2013, Russian actor Sergei Astakhov and Elena were together, but the couple broke up.

korikova malakhov

Elena and Andrey Malakhov

korikova safin

Elena and Marat Safin

korikova chernyshov

Elena and Andrey Chernyshov

korikova astakhov

Elena and Sergei Astakhov

korikova elena beautiful russian actress

elena korikova barbie girl

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