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Elena Kondulainen

Elena Kondulainen - Russian actress

Elena Kondulainen – Russian actress

Elena Kondulainen, also known as Lempi Kontulainen, is a bright woman, Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, pop singer.
Elena was born on April 9, 1958 in Toksovo, Leningrad region.
In 1983 the girl graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinematography (LGITMIK).
She has acted in over 40 films.
After Elena’s role in the movie One Hundred Days to Order (1990) she became “sex symbol of the Soviet Union”. In an episode she appeared completely naked. At that time, it was a real breakthrough. The actress was widely discussed in the press and in the early nineties she became the real star.
Elena wrote books, recorded songs and even formed Free Love party in 1993.
The actress took part in the reality show Survivor 3: Stay alive.

Personal life
There were three marriages in the life of the actress. Her first husband was a Leningrad teacher, who became a father of her son Alexander. Her second husband was a Moscow businessman Sergei. And Elena gave birth to her second son Mikhail.
Now she is married 27-year-old businessman Dmitry.

kondulainen elena husband

Elena and her third husband Dmirty

Selected Filmography
1979 – Travel to another city
1983 – Flamingo brings happiness
1990 – Womanizer
1991 – Caravan of Death
1993 – Daphnis and Chloe
1994 – A show for the lonely man
1994 – Three hundred years later
2001 – Down House
2002 – Beauty Queen, or very difficult childhood
2010 – Mom is better!
2012 – The first 8 dates
2012 – Paternal instinct
2012 – Interns

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Beautiful Russian actress E. Kondulainen

Beautiful Russian actress E. Kondulainen

kondulainen Elena in her youth

Elena in her youth

Charming Russian actress E. Kondulainen

Charming Russian actress E. Kondulainen

E. Kondulainen - Russian actress

E. Kondulainen – Russian actress

kondulainen boyfriend

They say Elena has a young boyfriend from Finnland