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Elena Berezhnaya, pair skater

Elena Berezhnaya
Perhaps someday the story of a couple Elena Berezhnaya – Anton Sikharulidze in figure skating will be taken as a plot for a Hollywood movie. Elena skated with Oleg Shliakhov for Latvia and won gold at the 1995 Trophee de France. During one of the worst training happened an accident: partner sliced his blade into Elena’s skull. The girl suffered a serious head injury. She was partly paralyzed and unable to speak. After the surgery, doctors forbade her even think about the sport. But Elena secretly dreamed and believed in her recovery and return to figure skating. Everybody helped and supported her: her coach Tamara Moskvina, parents, friends and a boyfriend Anton Sikharulidze. Anton brought her favorite books to the hospital and read aloud a lot. Three months after surgery, he brought Lena to the rink. A year later they teamed up and returned to the national team. In a year they took part in the World Cup and became the winners of the European and World championships.

Berezhnaya (October 11, 1977) and Sikharulidze (October 25, 1976) were the 1998 and 1999 World champions, 1998 Olympic silver medalists and 2002 Olympic champions.
The couple Berezhnaya – Sikharulidze split, but they remain close friends.
Berezhnaya took part in many TV ice shows and was a partner for such famous people as actor Aleksandr Nosik (2006), pop star Dima Bilan (2008), comedian Mikhail Galustian (2009), former training mate John Zimmerman (2009), Igor Ugolnikov (2010). Elena played the White Queen in an Alice in Wonderland ice show in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
In 2011 she participated in the Canadian reality program Battle of the Blades paired with hockey player Curtis Leschyshyn.
In 2005, Berezhnaya began a friendship with Steven Cousins. Their son Tristan was born on October 6, 2007 in London, England and their daughter, Sofia Diana was born on June 21, 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Sikharulidze is Elena’s son’s godfather.
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Elena Berezhnaya, pair skater