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Ekaterina Skulkina – Comedy Woman

Ekaterina Skulkina
Ekaterina Skulkina is one of the brightest stars of the TV project Comedy Woman. She acts in films, theater plays, as well as comedy TV projects.
Future comedienne was born on June 3, 1976 in Yoshkar-Ola, USSR. Her father was a military general, and her mother worked as Russian language and literature teacher.
Katya was a very bright and talented kid. During her school years, she was active in social work, participated in the organization of school concerts and festivals. Ekaterina acted in all school plays and also showed herself as a director and scriptwriter.
In 1996, the girl graduated from medical school and worked as a nurse. In 1997, Katya moved to Kazan, where she entered the Kazan State Medical University.

In 1999, Skulkina first appeared in a republican league of KVN in the national team of her university. She was a participant and one of the leaders of the team “Four Tatars” in TV comedy show KVN (2003-2006). In 2003, her team became the champion of the First League. They also won Large KiViN in gold at Jurmala Festival.
In 2006, Natalia Eprikyan invited Skulkina to take part in the humorous TV project “Made in Woman”. Ekaterina appeared on the screen together with other KVN participants.
skulkina ekaterina comedy woman
In 2008, the project appeared on TNT channel with the title “Comedy Woman”.
In 2010, the actress debuted on stage. She played Valentina Zakharovna (the mother of the hero) in the play “Lucky Number”. In 2011, the play was renamed to “Look for a wife. Inexpensive!”.
Two years later, Ekaterina made her debut in the movie.
Skulkina took part in different TV projects, such as “Thank God you came!” (2007), “The most intelligent KVNschik” (2008), “Comedy Battle. Tournament” (2010), Comedy Festival in Egypt (2011), TV Game “Crocodile” (2011).
In 2013, she took part in the morning TV show “Culinary duel”.

Ekaterina is married. On October 10, 2008 she gave a birth to a son Oleg. Because of filming and participation in the various projects Ekaterina communicates with her son only on Skype. She calls herself “virtual mother”.

Ekaterina Skulkina son

Eketerina and her son

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ekaterina skulkina comedy actress

skulkina maslyakov

Ekaterina and Alexander Maslyakov