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Dynamite – Vladimir Turchinskiy

Dynamite - Vladimir Turchinskiy

Dynamite – Vladimir Turchinskiy

Vladimir Turchinskiy was a Russian bodybuilder, television and radio presenter, actor, author, singer and businessman.
Vladimir was born on September 28, 1963 in the Moscow military family. Since childhood he was fond of sports. 10-year-old Vladimir won the silver medal at the Moscow Wrestling Championship. And at the age of 16 he became Master of Sports.
He studied at the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation but left it to join the army. Then he entered the State Institute of Physical Culture.
Turchinsky started his career during the years of Perestroika. He worked as a photographer, a bodyguard for actors and singers, for example, Dima Malikov; translated articles from English to Russian; was a P.E. teacher.
He was a maestro of sumo and judo, and former president of the Russian Federation of power extreme. His nickname was Dynamite or Dinamit.

Vladimir was the Master of Sports in Sambo and Judo, candidate master in Greece-Roman wrestling. He was a member of American football team Moscow Bears. In 1991 his team won the first and only USSR football championship. His team Moscow Giants won the Russian Cup and played in the semi-professional soccer league in the U.S.
Turchinsky took part in the world championships World’s Strongest Man and was named the most powerful Russian athlete in 1998 according to the professional league Interstrong. From 2003 to 2009 he was a president of Russian Professional League of Power Extreme (PLSE).

Turchinskiy in his youth

Turchinskiy in his youth

Since 1999 Vladimir took part in youth sports program Star-Start, at first as a guest, and then as a co-host.
Since 2002 he was a soloist of the rock band Guarana.
Turchinsky was a presenter of such TV programs as Fear Factor (2003, 2004) on the NTV channel, The Strongest Man on the Sport channel, Laugh without rules (2007-2008) on TNT and others.
His book on healthy lifestyle – Explosive philosophy was released in September 2006.
Turchinsky is the only Russian who is in the list of World’s Strongest Men and the only Russian athlete in the encyclopedia of the XX century Sons of Samson.
His records: moved the plane Ruslan (260 tons), raised the elephant (3.5 tons), raised the car with 12 passengers, pulled 20-ton double-decker bus for 100 meters.
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Vladimir was married three times. Turchinskiy’s first wife was Irina – 9-time World champion in arm wrestling; the second was the famous athlete Larisa Nikitina (Turchinskaya); the third was Irina Turchinskaya – fitness model, vice body fitness champion, the manager of the club Miss Fitness. Turchinskiy had a son Ilya (1986) (from his first marriage) and a daughter Ksenia (1999) (third marriage).

turchinskiy wife

Vladimir, his wife and their daughter

A few hours before his death, Vladimir took part in the filming of the program, Good Evening, Moscow! on the TV Center channel and was interviewed by reporters in the TV program In The Rush Hour on the REN TV channel. It was the last interview in his life.
Vladimir Turchinsky died of a heart attack on December 16, 2009.
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Selected Filmography
2001-2007 – Cobra. Counterterrorism
2002-2003 – Special Forces
2003, 2005 – My Country
2005 – The Right to Love
2005-2006 – Luba, children and the plant
2006 – The Storm Gate
2006 – Happy Together – cameo (episode)
2007 – Black Blood 2
2008 – Real Love
2009 –
2010 – Fire in the Sky
2010 – Bitch for a Champion

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