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Dmitry Koldun, pop singer

Dmitry Koldun
Dmitry Koldun is a talented singer, who became internationally famous. He participated in the TV project Star Factory, and world famous contests such as Slavic Bazaar, Eurovision and many others.
Dmitry was born on June 11, 1985 in Minsk, USSR. His parents worked as schoolteachers, and the boy dreamed of becoming a doctor. He didn’t even think he would be a singer.
It is noteworthy that at an early age, the future singer managed to write a story called “Dog Polkan – Pety’s buddy” (Pes Polkan Priyatel Peti). It was noticeable that all one hundred sixty six words in the work began with the same letter – the letter “P”. Later, his story was even published in one of the Belarusian newspapers.
After school Koldun entered the Belarusian State University, one of the most prestigious universities in Belarus, where he studied chemistry. But suddenly he turned from a scientific path and decided to go into show business. Why had he changed his plans? Perhaps the reason was the career of his older brother – Georgi Koldun, who at that time performed in Minsk clubs with his band.

Anyway, already in 2004, Dmitry took part in the Russian project “People’s Artist”. In the same year Koldun became a soloist at the State Concert Orchestra of Belarus headed by Mikhail Finberg.
In 2006, Dmitry appeared at the Eurofest competition with the song “May be”. Eurofest is the Belarusian national selection for Eurovision. However, at that time the singer could not win.
So, the boy went to Moscow, where he took part in the TV project “Star factory 6”. The singer became a winner of the project and very soon his songs were heard in all corners of the CIS. During the show Koldun performed with the renowned Scorpions performing “Still Loving You” after which he was invited by the soloist Klaus Meine to perform this song on a joint tour.
koldun dmitry famous singer
In 2007, Koldun won Eurofest with the song “Work your magic” and got the right to represent Belarusia at Eurovision. Philip Kirkorov, famous Russian singer, was an author of the song. Koldun took the sixth place at Eurovision Song Contest. It was the first Belorussian song to enter the Eurovision final.
In addition, in 2008, Dmitry tried his hand as a theater actor. He performed in the title role in the play “The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta”.
In 2009, Koldun founded his own label with Alexander Astashenok (a Russian musician, member of Russian band Roots) named Lizard.
Koldun has released two solo albums, as well as several successful singles.
dima koldun eurovision participant
In January 2012 Dmitry married Victoria Hamitskaya. Now they are happy parents. In winter 2013 Victoria gave birth to a son Yan.

Dmitry Koldun wife

Dmitry and his wife Victoria

Many people compare Koldun’s appearance to that of Princess Diana. Dmitry wrote that his mother was the head of the Princess Diana fan club in Belarus and admired her dearly. When pregnant with a baby, Koldun’s mother wanted to have a girl, who would look like Diana, but instead gave birth to Dmitry. Amazingly, her dream partly came true)
koldun princess diana

Koldun and Princess Diana

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