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Dmitriy Nagiev – actor, TV presenter

Dmitriy Nagiev
Dmitriy Nagiev was born on April 4, 1967 in Leningrad. He is a talented actor and one of the most popular show-business figures in Russia.
In 1991 Dmitriy graduated from the Leningrad State University of Theatre, Music and Cinematography.
He worked in the theatre “Vremya”, then was a “Radio Modern” DJ. Dmitriy was named the best radio broadcaster of the country four times. He worked as a DJ in clubs, dance halls and was a presenter of beauty contests.
Best known for his numerous roles in the popular comedy-show “Modern Ostorozhno” (nominated at International Emmy Award for best comedy-show) and popular TV-series “Modern Ostorozhno – 2!”, in which he co-starred with his only show-mate and friend Sergey Rost. He also plays on theatre stage and directs his own theatre projects. In 1996 he was called “The most popular person of Saint-Petersburg”. In Russia he’s considered a sex-symbol since his first roles in “Modern”.

Dmitriy was a TV presenter of the talk show “Windows”, sports and entertainment show “The Great Race”. In 2011 Natalia Andreichenko and Nagiev were the presenters of the reality show “Mother in law” on TV “Pepper”.
Nagiev was married a former radio DJ and actress Alisa Sher (born June 18, 1966), also known as Alla Nagieva (Schelischeva). Their marriage lasted 18 years. Alisa wrote a book “I was Nagiev’s wife”. They have a son Kirill (born August 31, 1989).

Nagiev and son

Nagiev and his son

Nagiyev and his ex-wife Alice Cher

Nagiev and his ex-wife Alice Cher

Selected Filmography
1990 – The Executioner – Episode
1997 – Purgatory
1998 – Bobak Saskerviley
2000 – House of Hope
2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 – Kamenskaya, Kamenskaya 2, Kamenskaya 3, Kamenskaya 4
2001, 2002 – The Mole, The Mole 2
2003 – Russian Special Forces
2003 – A game with no rules
2005 – Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
2005 – The Master and Margarita
2005 – Deer hunting
2005 – Balzac Age, or All Men Are Bast …
2006 – Sonka the Golden Hand
2007 – On the Way to the Heart (TV series)
2007 – Paradox
2008 – The Return of the Musketeers, or The Treasures of Cardinal Mazarin
2008 – Best Film
2008 – Happy Together
2009 – if-then
2009 – Savva Morozov
2009 – Russian Cross
2010 – Robinzonka
2011 – Two guns
2012 – A man with a guarantee

Nagiev in his youth

Nagiev in his youth

Selected TV programs
1997-1999 – “One night”
1995 – “Full Modern!”
2002-2005 – “Windows”
2006-2007 – “Zadov in REALITY»
2005 – “The Great Race”
2011 – My mother-in-law (Pepper)
2012 – “Two Stars 4” – paired with Nonna Grishaeva
2012 – “Holiday in Mexico 2. Talk show “- paired with Diana Makieva.
2012 – “The Voice”
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Dmitriy Nagiev – actor, TV presenter