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Darya Poverennova – Russian actress

Darya Poverennova

Darya Poverennova – Russian actress

Darya Poverennova is a Russian theater and film actress.
She was born on June 15, 1972 in Moscow. Her father worked as a translator in the publishing house “Progress” and her mother Tatiana Lukyanova was a theater actress. Her parents divorced and Dasha stayed with her mother. The girl spent her childhood in the theater. She watched her mother’s performances and was proud of her.
Darya is a granddaughter of Soviet actor Sergey Lukyanov and ballerina Hadezhda Tyshkevich.
Poverennova’s film career began with… Hollywood erotica.
In 1992, American director Zalman King invited her to play a role in erotic drama series “Red Shoe Diaries”.
Her career in Russian cinema began with Alexander Chernykh’s melodrama “I love you”, based on Victoria Tokareva’s story “Nothing special”.
In 1994, Poverennova graduated from Shchukin Theater School and joined Mayakovsky Theater.

Darya first was remembered as Vera from the TV series “Happy Birthday Bourjois”. A little later, she played the role of Cosmos’s stepmother in the famous crime saga “Brigade”. Then there were roles in movies and TV series – “Turkish March”, “Detectives”, “DMB”.
The actress participated in various TV shows “The Great Race”, “Empire”, “Circus with Stars” etc..
Dasha and her daughter live in Moscow. Polina performs with the dance ensemble “Carnival”, paints and learns foreign languages.
In her free time Darya is involved in horseback riding, swimming, fencing, and she also plays the piano and guitar.
Darya Poverennova Russian actress
Personal life
Being a theater school student Darya married Alexander Zhigalkin and gave birth to daughter Polina. They were together for five years.
Then Poverennova met the star of the TV series “Happy Birthday Bourgeois” Valery Nikolaev and fell in love. When they met Valery was married to Russian actress Irina Apeksimova. But their romance began when Nikolaev left her wife. Their relationship lasted for more than two years, and all the friends were waiting for the wedding invitations, but lovable actor met another woman and went to her.

poverennova nikolaev

Darya and Valery Nikolaev

On the set of the TV series “Guardian Angel” she met actor Anatoly Rudenko. Despite the strong feelings, Darya didn’t believe they could be together, because her boyfriend was ten years younger. But Anatoly already started talking about the wedding, and Darya believed him. Some time later, the actress found out that Rudenko dated young actress Elena Dudina.

poverennova rudenko

Darya and Anatoly Rudenko

At a recent film festival in Moscow, the actress was seen with Andrei Rudenskiy.

poverennova rudenskiy

Darya and Andrei Rudenskiy

Darya Poverennova daughter

Darya and her daughter Polina

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