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Daria Melnikova – Russian actress

Daria Melnikova

Daria Melnikova. Photo:

Daria Melnikova is a Russian actress, better known for her role of Zhenya Vasnetsova in the popular TV series “Father’s Daughters”.
She was born on February 9, 1992 in Omsk. It is worth noting that, Daria is a granddaughter of the famous Soviet actor Mikhail Kokshenov.
At the age of 3 the girl was engaged in dancing and performed together with folk ensemble “Pearl”. Daria also learned to play the piano at a music school and was involved in ballet.
In 2006 Melnikova debuted in the movie. She played the main role in the film “Cinderella 4×4. Everything starts with desire.” However, the film was released only in 2008. Aspiring actress played 14-year-old Cinderella – an ordinary teen girl, who is a little bit strange, dreamy and always gets into strange and unusual situations. For this role Melnikova was awarded the prize for the Best Female child role at the XVII Open Film Festival of CIS countries “Kinoshock -2008” and Best Actress in a children’s movie at XII All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts.

But the real fame came to the actress in 2007. She played the role of Zhenya Vasnetsova, the most athletic of the daughters, in the TV series “Father’s Daughters”.
In 2008 Daria and her TV sisters (Miroslava Karpovich, Anastasia Sivaeva, Elizaveta Arzamasova and Ekaterina Starshova) received Woman of the Year award by Glamour magazine.
fathers daughters

Father’s Daughters

In 2009, Daria starred in the film “Ash Waltz” and in two series “The rules of theft” and “That’s life”. In the same year she entered Shchukin Theater School in Moscow.
Daria Melnikova has become the face of L’Or?al. The actress starred in the commercial L’Or?al Paris Pure Zone.
Daria enjoys photography and she is going to release the book of her stories and photos titled “Pictures to attract attention”.
Daria melnikova russian actress

melnikova daria fathers daughter
Personal life
There were rumors that Dasha had a love affair with actor Alexander Golovin. However, she said they were just friends.

melnikova golovin

Daria and Alexander Golovin

21-year-old Daria married Russian actor Arthur Smoljaninov. They were friends for a long time. Their love affair began on the set of the TV series “Major Sokolov’s Hetaeras”.
melnikova smolyaninov

Daria and Arthur Smoljaninov

melnikova smoljaninov wedding

Daria and Arthur – they are married

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