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Daria Maiorova

Daria Maiorova

Daria Maiorova – Russian actress and TV presenter

Daria Maiorova is a Russian actress and TV presenter.
She was born on February 24, 1972 in Moscow. Her father Igor Maiorov was a sound director and her grandfather was a film director, Vasili Pronin, a very famous person in the prewar years.
Dasha dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood and her dream came true.
In 1989 the girl entered Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. Russian actor Vlad Galkin was Daria’s first love.
In 1990 Daria and her father went to Vladimir where she met Soviet and Russian film director of Armenian origin Karen Shakhnazarov, her future husband (he was 38 years old, and Daria – 19). It was the third marriage for Karen.

Soon Dasha was approved for the role of Princess Olga in the historical and psychological drama Tsareubiitsa (Regicide, 1991). A year later, Daria starred in the political drama Three Days in August by the American film director Jung.
Dasha and Karen have two sons – Ivan and Vasiliy.
Now Daria is a presenter of the morning program Mood on TVC channel.


maiorova daria

Daria Maiorova – Russian actress and TV presenter

Maiorova Shakhnazarov

Daria and Karen in Switzerland, Neuchatel, 1994

Shakhnazarov sons

Karen Shakhnazarov and his sons Ivan and Vasiliy