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Maria Kozhevnikova – Russian actress, politician

Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova – Russian actress, politician

Maria Kozhevnikova is a Russian actress, member of Putin’s United Russia party, she represents Siberian city Tomsk in Russian parliament.
Kozhevnikova, star of the television series “Univer”, was Russian Playboy’s front-page girl in 2009 and was voted the country’s sexiest woman by Maxim magazine.
Maria was born on November 14, 1984 in Moscow in the family of a Soviet ice hockey player Alexander Kozhevnikov, two-time Olympic champion and Merited Master of Sports. Mother of the future actress and politician worked as an English teacher.
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Yana Lapikova – Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer

Yana Lapikova

Yana Lapikova – Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer

In 2011 Yana Lapikova became Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer. She is a very beautiful girl, who was dreaming of becoming a photographer.
Yana is a member of the pro-Kremlin youth organization “Young Russia”, as well as ex – model. In 2008, 23-year-old Lapikova participated in the Miss Moscow contest. She previously worked for a Russian news agency.
Her first photos were taken during Putin’s stay in Volga District.
Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the girl was employed because of her high professional qualities. According to Peskov they could not find a suitable employee for a long time because the salary was much lower than in international photo agencies.
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Vladimir Putin – Russian president

Vladimir Putin - Russian president

Vladimir Putin – Russian president

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Saint Petersburg.
Putin’s father and mother were factory workers. They were baptized in Turginovo, Tver Region in 1911. Vladimir was the third son in the family, two older brothers, born back in the 30th, died in childhood. Working family lived in a communal apartment in Leningrad.
In his childhood Putin was fond of Soviet films about spies and dreamed of working in state security. In 1975 his dream came true – after graduating from law faculty at Leningrad State University the future president was assigned to the KGB (Committee for State Security).
From 1985 to 1990 he worked undercover as director of the Dresden Friendship House in the GDR.
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Russian leaders on Time cover

russian leaders
Russian leaders on Time cover
Joseph Stalin
Stalin appeared on the cover of U.S. weekly 11 times. In 1939, Time named him the first “Man of the Year” for signing the Molotov -Ribbentrop Pact. The peace treaty with Germany was named “last attempt to resist the Third Reich by means of diplomacy”. Weekly described the document as a sentence to Poland, which under the terms of the pact was divided between the Soviet Union and Germany. In 1942, the magazine recognized Stalin as “Person of the Year” again and awarded him the title for fierce resistance to the invasion of Nazi Germany in the first years of the war.
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Yuri Abramochkin – reportage photographer

Yuri Abramochkin

Yuri Abramochkin – living legend

Yuri Abramochkin is a unique photographer whose work has entered the golden fund of Soviet photojournalism. He gained international fame as a reportage photographer in the country in which the official position of news always was expressed with the phrase: “Nothing happens”. But even at that time he was a real photojournalist. Generally, reportage photographers (at least, the best of them) are often included in the history thanks to their photos. Abramochkin did it more than once. He took photos of all eight leaders of Russia in the last fifty years, and many leaders of other countries: Richard Nixon and four other American presidents, Yasser Arafat, Elizabeth II, Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher …
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Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky – freed

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
On December 20, 2013 Mikhail Khodorkovsky was released after spending more than 10 years in prison. He served a 13-year sentence in a penal colony in Segezha (Karelia). Immediately after the liberation businessman flew to Germany. Khodorkovsky suddenly turned from prisoner to free man. On December 19, Vladimir Putin said that the ex-Yukos CEO wrote a petition for clemency on family grounds. The next day the request was granted.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky (26 June 1963) is a well-known person, a Russian businessman, an oligarch, a philanthropist, a political prisoner.
Mikhail was born in the family of Boris and Marina Khodorkovsky. Both mother and father were chemical engineers, all their life they worked at the Moscow plant. The family lived modestly, his father worked part-time. Mikhail lived with his parents in a two room apartment in Moscow. At school Khodorkovsky was fond of chemistry and mathematics.
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Russian traces of Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald
On November 24, 1963 was killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the only suspect in the Kennedy assassination. One year and a half before his death Lee returned to America from the Soviet Union.
Russian traces of Lee Harvey Oswald.
It all started with a madhouse
Retired marine’s way to the “evil empire”(was a name given to the Soviet Union by U.S. President Ronald Reagan) was thorny, but well planned. According to one version, Oswald left the army because “he had to take care of the mother”, and not because of his political views. Whatever it was , Lee provided fake documents of his intention to enter foreign universities and received a student’s visa to European countries.
On September 20, 1959 he sailed from New Orleans to France, from France to England and then flew to Helsinki, where he received a Soviet visa. On October 16 Lee arrived in Moscow by train.
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