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Alena Shishkova, Vice-Miss Russia 2012

Alena Shishkova

Alena Shishkova. photo Natalia Tsygina

Alena Shishkova was born on November 12, 1992 in the city of Tyumen.
Alena is a beautiful girl, Russian model and Vice-Miss Russia 2012. She is very popular in Tumblr, Instagram and Russian social network “Vkontakte”.
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Karina Gurina – Miss MAXIM 2012

Karina Gurina
Karina Gurina is a famous fashion model, winner of the title “Miss Bikini 2009” in the Crimea, as well as the winner of “Miss Maxim” in August 2012.

Gurina was born on March 31, 1992 in the city of Yalta. Later the family moved to Moscow, where Karina graduated from school and entered the Russian State University of Trade and Economics.
Karina was very active and athletic kid. She was engaged in Latin American dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. As a teenager, she was fascinated by extreme sports: mountain climbing and skydiving.
Since her childhood she dreamed of becoming a famous person.
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Tatiana Yakovleva – Leading Designer of Hats

Tatiana Yakovleva
Tatiana Yakovleva (fr. Tatiana Yacovleff) was born on March 25 (April 7), 1906 in Saint Petersburg, into a professional family that found sanctuary in Paris after the Bolshevik Revolution. Mr. Citroen (founder of the Citroen automobile company) helped the Yakovlevs to leave Russia. Andre Citroen was a friend of a famous artist Alexander Yakovlev (Tatiana’s uncle), who helped Andre to create sketches of future cars.
Tatiana arrived in Paris at the age of 19. The beauty helped her and soon there were a lot of advertising posters with her face in the Parisian streets.
Tatiana was acquainted with the dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alexander Godunov, a poet Joseph Brodsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Feodor Chaliapin, made friends with the artists Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova.
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Mia Zarring – beautiful girl

mia zarring beautiful model

Mia Zarring – beautiful model, actress and TV presenter

Mia Zarring (her full name is Maria Zarring) is a beautiful girl with the biggest natural breasts in Russia.
Mia was born on November 19, 1986 in Moscow. She is an actress, model and TV presenter.
When Mia was 9 years old her family moved to Crimea, where little girl joined young journalists’ club and wrote poems, for which she got prizes at regional competitions.
15-year-old Mia began to work as a reporter and TV presenter.
In 2004 Mia entered the Faculty of Economics and attended lectures at the Faculty of Journalism. In 2011 she entered the acting department of GITIS.
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Victoria Shamis

Victoria Shamis
Victoria Shamis is a beautiful girl and the owner of Victoria’s Vintage boutique.
Victoria graduated from the University of the Arts London. During her studies she worked for the house of Alexander McQueen. While traveling to Paris with the husband Victoria met Didier Ludo. One of the greatest vintage collectors in the world was fascinated by Victoria and agreed to become an exclusive partner of her future boutique in Russia.
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Sergey Zverev – hairdresser, singer

Sergey Zverev
Sergey Zverev is a Russian hairdresser, stylist, singer and showman. Sergey calls himself the “King of Glamour” and “Star of Shock”. He is a master and the only member of the reality show about his everyday life “Full Fashion” (Muz-TV) and “Star in a cube” (MTV), “Stars in fashion” (RU.TV).
Sergey was born on July 19, 1963 in Kultuk (Irkutsk region) into the family of a railway worker. After his father’s death (in a motorcycle accident) the family moved to Ust-Kamenogorsk, in Kazakhstan. Sergey was only four.
After finishing school, Zverev attended a hairdressing college and received a diploma in three specialties: hairdressing, decorative make-up and clothing design.
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Anna Litvinova, Russian model

Anna Litvinova, Russian model

Anna Litvinova, Russian model

Anna Litvinova was a Russian fashion model.
The girl was born on May 1, 1983 in Novokuznetsk, Siberia.
In 2003 Anna graduated from the Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy, where she studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.
In the same year the beautiful girl became Miss Kuzbass and Vice Miss Siberia. She was one of the five most beautiful girls in the beauty contest Miss Russia 2003 and was awarded the title of Miss Grace. After winning the contest, she moved from Novokuznetsk to Moscow to continue her modeling career. In Moscow she worked as a manager and second degree designer.
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