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Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi

Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi

Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi

Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi is an actress, fashion model, dancer.
Ekaterina was born on July 8, 1973 into a family of circus performers. Her father – Vladimir Golubev, was the Director of Penza circus, Honored Artist of Russia.
First time Katya appear in the movie Children’s World (1982) when she was 9 years old.
She also starred in Citizens of the Universe (1984), Time of the Moon, The Tale of a loud drum (1987), Half an hour before departure.
Ekaterina graduated from the School of Dancing at the Bolshoi Theater.
In 1993 she played the role of Gilda in the movie Revenge Of The Clown, based on the opera Rigoletto (Boris Moiseev performed as Rigoletto).
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Anna Lutseva

Anna Lutseva

Anna Lutseva

Anna Lutseva is a Russian actress.
Anna was born on September 9, 1984 in Leningrad. The girl studied at Spanish school № 399. She also studied at sports school, music school, and dance clubs. Anna has younger sister Zhanna. As a child, Anna spent every summer in Estonia.
She danced Latin American program, fell in love with rumba. Anna’s award collection consists of 23 medals and 21 cups.
The girl easily entered the National State University of Physical Culture and at the same time she worked as a photo model.
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Anastasia Grebenkina, ice dancer

Anastasia Grebenkina, Russian ice dancer

Anastasia Grebenkina, Russian ice dancer

Anastasia Grebenkina is a figure skater, former competitive ice dancer who represented Latvia, Russia, and Armenia in different years. She became International Master of Sports in 1998.
Anastasia was born on January 18, 1979 in Moscow, Russia. At the age of five the girl started skating. Anastasia was coached by Natalia Dubova, Svetlana Alexeeva, and Natalia Linichuk.
In 1996 she teamed up with Vazgen Azroyan and skated with him for two years, representing Russia. They broke up and she skated with Vitali Novikov. She teamed up with Azroyan again in 2003, this time representing Armenia. They are the three time Armenian national champions and are the first Armenian skaters to win medal at a Grand Prix event, which they did at the NHK Trophy in 2005. Their last coach was Alexander Zhulin. Grebenkina and Azroyan participated in the Olympic Games in Turin, but took only the 20th place.
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Polina Polyakova

Polina Polyakova - Russian actress

Polina Polyakova – Russian actress

Polina Polyakova (her real name is Olga Polyakova) is a popular Russian actress and TV presenter.
Polina was born on August 1, 1983. Her parents are artists Elena and Alexander Ananevich.
Her first role was in kindergarten in New Year performance – Kolobok and Snegurochka. In 2004 she graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).
Polina danced in the ballet show Anreal Lates, and also sang in a band ALEX. In 2004 she made her debut in films.
Polyakova is known as a popular actress, host and professional dancer (acrobatic rock and roll, ballroom dancing, modern dance).
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Marina Anisina, ice dancer

Marina Anisina
Marina Anisina is a talented figure skater, well known in Russia and France. With partner Gwendal Peizerat, she became the 2000 World Champion and 2002 Olympic Champion.
She was born on August 30, 1975 in Moscow into a family of known figure skater Irina Chernyaeva and hockey player Vyacheslav Anisin. Anisina began skating at the age of four.
Marina was paired with Ilya Averbukh at the beginning of her career. They won gold medals at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1990 and 1992 representing the Soviet Union. Their partnership ended in 1992 because Averbukh decided to skate with Irina Lobacheva with whom he had fallen in love. Then Anisina skated with Sergei Sakhnovski. But Sakhnovsky moved to Israel, where he became Galit Chait’s partner, and Anisina had to train alone for a while, because there wasn’t right partner in Russia. Her coach advised to search for a partner abroad and Marina found him in France. More »

Tatiana GAGA Skakovskaya

Tatiana GAGA Skakovskaya - Russian model

Tatiana GAGA Skakovskaya – Russian model

Tatiana GAGA Skakovskaya is a Russian model, Go Go Dancer, film actress and TV presenter.
Tatiana was born on June 15, 1990.
Tatiana promotes her own brand Tatiana GAGA Skakovskaya. She is a creator of the project TRIO MODEL.
Tatiana created glamorous exhibition Fetish GlamouRussia 2012 to promote her first project TRIO MODELS.
Tatiana became the main character of the reality TV series about models and Go Go dancers’ everyday life on TV PEPPER – Showgirls’ diaries.
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Mathilda Kschessinskaya – Generalissimo of Russian Ballet

Mathilda Kschessinskaya
Russian ballerina Mathilda Kschessinskaya died on December 6, 1971 in Paris, just a few months before her centennial anniversary. Her life was like an irresistible dance, which to this day is surrounded by legends and intriguing details. Always surrounded by scandal, the ballerina adored roulette, diamonds, caviar and men, particularly when named Romanov.
Mathilda was born on August 19, 1872 in Ligovo, 9 miles west of St Petersburg. Her father, Felix Kschesinsky was a consummate performer of Mazurkas – Nicholas I’s favorite dance. The Emperor invited him to St. Petersburg from Warsaw together with the other dancers. In St. Petersburg, Felix married ballerina Yulia Dominskaya, ballet dancer Leda’s widow. From the first marriage she had five children and gave birth to four more. Mathilda-Maria was the youngest.
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