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Artur Smolianinov, Russian actor

Artur Smolianinov, Russian actor

Artur Smolianinov, Russian actor

Artur Smolianinov is Russian theater and film actor.
He was born on October 27, 1983 in Moscow. Artur has two younger brothers and a sister.
The boy was fourteen years old when he debuted in the film Who, If Not Us. After this movie luck and success do not leave the young actor.
Immediately after a successful debut he played in the film Triumph. Artur became widely known as Lyuty in a film about the Afghan war The 9th Company. But TV series An Invisible Sign brought the nationwide fame and crowds of fans to him. In this series are shown youth problems such as drug abuse, sectarianism, Nazism…
In 2006 Artur joined the Contemporary theater. He has performed in such plays as Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Once again on the emperor’s new clothes by Leonid Filatov, Antony and Cleopatra by Oleg Bogaev and others.
Artur helps children with hematologic malignancies. He took part in charity events.
Artur is a fan of the football team Spartak (Moscow).

Personal life
While studying Artur fell in love with Ekaterina Direktorenko, who is now an actress of the Moscow Theatre. After living together for more than three years they parted. And Artur turned into a real ladies’ man, and his relationship with the girls wasn’t serious. Then he met Dmitry Dibrov’s ex-wife Alexandra Shevchenko. They were going to marry, but unfortunately, or fortunately, this has not happened.
On August 31, 2013 he married a young actress Daria Melnikova.

smolianinov melnikova

Artur and Daria Melnikova

smolianinov shevchenko

Artur and Alexandra Shevchenko

Selected Filmography
2003 – Chic
2003 – Daddy
2004 – Mars
2006 – Nine Months
2006 – ZHARA
2007 – 1612
2007 – The Servant
2007 – Nirvana
2008 – Be With Me
2009 – The Book of Masters
2010 – Burnt by the Sun 2
2010 – Christmas Tree
2011 – Without Men
2011 – Samara
2011 – Duhless
2011 – Phantom
2012 – My boyfriend is an angel
2012 – The White Guard
2014 – Christmas Tree 1914

Artur Smolianinov, Russian actor