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Anna Stryukova Zavorotnyuk – beautiful blonde

Anna Stryukova

Anna Stryukova Zavorotnyuk – beautiful blonde

Just a few years ago Anna Stryukova was an unknown girl. Her mother, Anastasia Zavorotnyukwas a famous Russian actress, and the girl was in her shadow. However, in 2012, everything has been turned upside down. Charming beauty, Anna Zavorotnyuk-Stryukova broke into the Russian showbiz world.
Anna was born in January 1996. Her father, Dmitry Stryukov was a famous businessman and her mother, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was a little-known actress at that time. The girl was born in Moscow, but soon moved to the United States. In Los Angeles the family of the future celebrity founded their own real estate agency.
In 2004, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk appeared in the TV series “My Fair Nanny” and became a real star. So Anna returned to Moscow. Some time later, her parents divorced and Anna was sent to England. At Albion the future celebrity graduated from school and returned to the Russian capital. In Moscow she began her acting career.

It was difficult for Anastasia to hide her daughter from prying paparazzi. In 2011, at the premiere of the film “Mothers” Anastasia appeared with her eldest daughter. Charming blonde immediately became the object of numerous cameras. She was written and spoken about. But Anna became famous in mid-2011 because of her erotic photos on the Russian – language Internet. The photos made her known and recognizable among the youth. And 16-year-old girl began to receive first shoot proposals. Her debut role was in the hit series “Closed School”. It is noteworthy that her role in the fifth season of the project the girl received without any casting.
In early 2012, Anna became a presenter of the TV show – “Get a star”.
Some time later, she got the opportunity to realize herself as a model. The producers of the show “Top Model Russian Style” invited young beauty to take part in one of the seasons of the competition. But Anna refused because she had to pass her exams. Today Stryukova is a student of the prestigious university – MSU.
stryukova zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Anna Stryukova. Mother and daughter look like two sisters

According to a number of on-line media, Anna had a love affair with famous performer Yegor Bulatkin, better known under the pseudonym KReeD. By the way, Bulatkin is a representative of the brand Black Star.
Stryukova starred in the music video of young singer Artem Bizin.
stryukova bulatkin

Anna and Yegor Bulatkin

The girl looks like Barbie Doll
stryukova barbie doll

Anna – beautiful girl

stryukova anna zavorotnyuk

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