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Anna Snatkina, actress

Anna Snatkina - Russian actress

Anna Snatkina – Russian actress

Anna Snatkina is a famous Russian theater and film actress, promising singer and sportswoman.
She was born on July 13, 1983 in Moscow into a family of aircraft manufacturers. Her parents graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. Her father was one of the designers of the aircraft Buran, mother works in the MAI.
Anna was engaged in gymnastics at the age of four, and then she did aerobics. Snatkina has the first adult rank in gymnastics. Her parents were sure that she would be a coach. But the girl decided to go the other way. Since childhood she had a dream to become an actress. It was the film The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston which encouraged the girl.
She graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography.

In 2005 Anna became popular. That year, several TV series, where the actress starred, were released. Snatkina worked very hard. Her sister Masha even changed her mind and entered the police college.
In 2007, Anna Snatkina paired with Evgeny Grigorov won the first place in the TV show Dancing With The Stars 2.
In September 2011, the girl took the 71 place in the list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the Country, according to MAXIM magazine.
snatkina Grigorov

Anna and Evgeny Grigorov

Now Anna is quite popular and sought after actress.
Snatkina starred in many films such as Fighter (2004), Moscow Saga (2004), Airport (2005), Yesenin (2005), Unexpected Joy (2005), Destined to become a star (2005/2007), Pushkin. Last Duel (2006), Tatyana’s Day (2007/2008), Forty-third room (2009), Faith, Hope, Love (2010), On the sunny side of the street (2010), My big family (2012), Do not cry for me, Argentina! (2012/2013), Save or Destroy (2013), Secret of the Snow Queen (2013).

Personal life
It is known that the year of her life Anna dedicated to the actor Andrei Chernyshev. Then she was together with an unknown businessman named Andrei for 6 years.
On October 12, 2012 Anna married actor and showman Victor Vasiliev, presenter of the program Yesterday Live. The wedding was held in the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg, and only family and close friends were invited.
On April 18, 2013 Anna gave birth to a daughter, Veronica.

snatkina Vasiliev

Anna and Victor Vasiliev

russian actress snatkina

Anna – beautiful Russian actress

Snatkina as Natalia Pushkina

Snatkina as Natalia Pushkina

snatkina anna actress

Delicate and beautiful Anna

snatkina anna beautiful actress

Charming Anna