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Anna Ardova – Russian actress

Anna Ardova

Anna Ardova – Russian actress

Anna Ardova is an actress with a bright humorous talent.
Anna was born on September 27, 1969 in Moscow into the family of actors.
It was hard for 16-years-old girl to enter GITIS, only the fifth try was successful.
Now she plays in the Mayakovsky Theater. Anna has played about 50 roles in the TV series and movies.
She is best known for her roles in the sketch shows “Women’s League” and “One for all”.
“One for all” became one of the biggest hits of the Home channel and Ardova was awarded a prize for Best Actress.

On February 16, 2013 Ardova became a presenter of a game show “Fort Boyard “.
Anna’s first husband Daniil Spivakovsky is an actor and her second husband Alexander Shavrin is an actor too.

Selected Filmography
1983 – According to Lopotukhin
2002 – Simple Truth (TV series)
2003 – Always say “always”
2004 – Children of the Arbat
2004 – Mystery of the Blue Valley
2006-2007 – Soldiers (TV series)
2006-2008 – Happy Together
2007-2008 – Still, I love
2008 – A man without a gun
2009 – Roof
2011 – All inclusive
2011 – Vysotsky. Thank you for living
2013 – All inclusive 2

Ardova has two children – a son and a daughter Sonya, who is also an actress.
On September 29, 2013 Sonya Ardova celebrated her 17th anniversary. Despite her young age she is a well-known and talented actress.
But the girl hasn’t decided about the future profession yet. The young actress has already starred in seven well-known films and TV series.
In funny TV series “House upside down” (2008-2009 years) Sonya played the role of Sveta, one of the three children of a single dad.
In the well-known detective thriller – TV series “Zveroboi” (2009) and “Zveroboi 2” (2010) Sofya played the role of the main character’s daughter (Polina).
In severe and even terrible drama “Roof” (2010), directed by Boris Grachevsky, Sofya played one of the main roles. The film is worth watching.
“All the better” (2010-2011 years) is a family saga, in which the girl plays the role of Svetlana Petrovskaya.

Anna Ardova – Russian actress