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Anastasia Makeeva, Miss Krasnodar

Anastasia Makeeva – beautiful Russian actress and model

Anastasia Makeeva – beautiful Russian actress and model

Anastasia Makeeva is a Russian actress, singer, model, and TV presenter.
The beautiful girl was born on December 23, 1981 in Krasnodar. Her father was the director of the vocal-instrumental ensemble and Anastasia began to perform with the band Harmony. She participated in many competitions. The girl took part not only in singing competitions, but in beauty contests too. She was a permanent member of various beauty pageants. In 1998, 17-year-old Nastya became the winner of the prestigious contest Miss Krasnodar. After the victory Anastasia moved to Moscow, where she continued to work as a model and received prestigious prizes: Miss Academy, Russia 2000 (2000, Moscow), Vice-Miss MC-Europe (2004, Spain), Vice-Miss Universe, Russia (2004, Moscow).

Anastasia is a popular Russian actress, who became famous not only because of her bright appearance, but also thanks to an extraordinary acting talent. She managed to achieve popularity in a variety of industries.
The girl works as a model. Her photos appear on magazine covers.
In 2004, Anastasia graduated from the State Musical College and in 2007 from GITIS (The Russian University of Theatre Arts).
The talented girl has played leading roles in many musicals such as Dracula (2002), Zorro (2010), The Witches of Eastwick (2011), Francois Villon. Three Days in Paris (2012), Jesus Christ – Superstar (2012), Mamma Mia! (2013), Chicago (2013).
In 2005, Anastasia starred in the music video for Diskoteka Avariya’s (band Disco Crash) song “If you want to stay”.
In 2008, she took part in the TV show Ice Age 2, where her partner was Alexander Abt, but just in a month the pair left the project. Anastasia’s ex-husband Alexei Makarov also participated in the same show in 2007. His partners were Tatiana Navka and Anna Semenovich.
In 2008 the actress played the main role together with Valeria Lanskaya in the musical Monte Cristo.
In summer 2010 Anastasia starred in a candid photo shoot for XXL magazine.
In June 2014 she became a TV presenter of entertainment program Saturday Evening together with Nikolai Baskov.
makeeva abt

Anastasia and Alexander Abt

Personal life
Her first husband was Russian actor Peter Kislov. Then she lived together with Alexei Makarov.
In August 2010, Anastasia married actor and composer Gleb Matveychuk.
makeeva Matveychuk

Anastasia and her husband Gleb Matveychuk

Selected filmography
2004 The Rider Named Death
2005 Persona non grata
2006-2009 Club
2008 Home sweet home
2009 Love and hate
2010 Cherkizon. Disposable People
2012 Escape 2
2012 Chkalov
2013 Caesar
2014 Fashion Model
makeeva anastasia

Anastasia – talented Russian actress and singer

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