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Anastasia Grebenkina, ice dancer

Anastasia Grebenkina, Russian ice dancer

Anastasia Grebenkina, Russian ice dancer

Anastasia Grebenkina is a figure skater, former competitive ice dancer who represented Latvia, Russia, and Armenia in different years. She became International Master of Sports in 1998.
Anastasia was born on January 18, 1979 in Moscow, Russia. At the age of five the girl started skating. Anastasia was coached by Natalia Dubova, Svetlana Alexeeva, and Natalia Linichuk.
In 1996 she teamed up with Vazgen Azroyan and skated with him for two years, representing Russia. They broke up and she skated with Vitali Novikov. She teamed up with Azroyan again in 2003, this time representing Armenia. They are the three time Armenian national champions and are the first Armenian skaters to win medal at a Grand Prix event, which they did at the NHK Trophy in 2005. Their last coach was Alexander Zhulin. Grebenkina and Azroyan participated in the Olympic Games in Turin, but took only the 20th place.

In 2006, Anastasia and Vazgen took part in the TV show Dancing on Ice on RTR channel. Anastasia paired with Russian singer Sergey Lazarev became the finalists of the television project.
In 2007, Anastasia starred in the movie Star of Empire. She played the role of Empress Maria Fyodorovna, wife of Alexander III.
At the European Championships in 2008 Anastasia fell down on the ice during the dance. So the duo refused to continue the competition and decided to finish their career.
In 2008, Anastasia took part in the TV show Star Ice.
In late 2009, Grebenkina developed a collection of skates, which went on sale.
grebenkina lazarev

Anastasia and Russian singer Sergei Lazarev

Personal life
In September 2009 Grebenkina married businessman Yuri Goncharov. A year later, on May 25, 2010, Anastasia gave birth to their son Ivan. Anna Semenovich became the boy’s godmother.
grebenkina husband

Anastasia, her husband Yuri Goncharov and their son Ivan

grebenkina Navka

Anastasia and Tatiana Navka

grebenkina semenovich

Grebenkina and Russian singer Anna Semenovich

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