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Alyona Alyokhina, Russian snowboarder

Alekhina Alena Russian snowboarder

Alyona Alyokhina, Russian snowboarder

Alyona Alyokhina is a Russian snowboarder (Big Air, Slope style, halfpipe disciplines). In the season 2011/2012 she was a European Cup winner in the halfpipe discipline. Alyona is a seven-time champion of Russia, member of the Russian national team, International Master of Sports, member of an international team Roxy.
Her favourite tricks are Cab 5, Hand plant.
Alyona was born on June 19, 1988 in Moscow. Since childhood, she felt a great passion for extreme and couldn’t sit still: jumped, ran, and climbed. Alyona was a pretty little girl with bruises on her knees and scraped elbows. As a child the girl wanted to be a trapeze artist in the circus. She tried a lot of sports: gymnastics, sailing, mountain climbing, and many others. And then there were skateboarding and punk rock which led to snowboarding.

Roxy became the first sponsor of the 17-year-old girl.
She graduated from music school and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (2011). Alyona is fluent in several languages: English, French and Spanish.
The combination of technical tricks and a relaxed, natural style, inspiration and great motivation allowed her to achieve new heights.
“The most important thing is inspiration. It includes everything: confidence, the desire to ride and progress, the pleasure of riding.”
Alyona takes part in the project Doctor Clown, a charitable organization which helps ill children.
In 2008 she became a vegetarian.
Her favorite punk rock groups: Goldfinger, NOFX, Rancid, Anti-Flag, and Reel Big Fish.
Alyona is married to singer and guitarist Ryan Key, a member of the band Yellowcard.

ryan key wife

Alyona and her husband Ryan Key

Russian Roxy girl’s results:
Russian Championship 2011 – 1st place
Russia Cup 2011 (half-pipe) – 1st place
National America’s Cup 2010 (Colorado, USA) – 6th place
World Cup 2011 (Switzerland) – 11th place
European Cup Saas-Fee Switzerland 2010 (half-pipe) – 5th place
Championship of Russia 2010 (big-air) – 1st place
World Cup 2010 Canada – 10th place
Burton European Open 2010 – 11th place in the finals (Slope-Style)
Roxy Chicken Jam 08 (Austria, Kaprun) – 12th place
Burton European Open 09 (Slope-Style) (Laax, Switzerland) – 12th place
2008-2009: IgoraSunPipe (Peter) – 1st place
Championship of Russia (Half Pipe ) – 1st place
Championship of Russia (Big Air) – 2nd place
Roxy Style Princess (Dombay) – 2nd place
2007-2008: Burton AM Tour (slope-style) – 1st place
Championship of Russia on a snowboard big-air – 1st place
1st Winter Games of Young Russia (half-pipe) – 1st place
FTWO jib-contest – 1st place
Championship of Moscow (big-air) – 1st place
Free Camp Slope-Style – 1st
Free Camp Jibbing – 1st place
Championship of Russia (half-pipe) – 2nd place.


Alyona Alyokhina, Russian snowboarder