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Alexandra Savelieva

Alexandra Savelieva
Alexandra Savelieva is a popular Russian singer, model and just an interesting and beautiful girl.
Sasha was born on December 25, 1983 in Moscow. At the age of three she was engaged in figure skating. Her coach was the famous figure skater Irina Moiseeva, who predicted a successful career in sport for the girl. Sasha was in a group of Olympic reserve. At the age of five she entered music school, where Alexandra was taught to play the piano and flute. She performed at various concert venues – at the Moscow Conservatory, at the Palace of Congresses and even in the Kremlin. And Sasha preferred music to sport and joined children’s folklore ensemble Kuvichki.
After school Savelieva entered the Gnesin Moscow Special School of Music, where organized her own musical group. She composed music, wrote poetry and performed with her band at various festivals and competitions.

In the autumn of 2002, Sasha became one of the participants of the first season of the famous TV project “Star Factory”. She reached the final and began to sing with new formed group Factory (Fabrika). Group’s song About Love became one of the biggest hits of 2002 and girls were awarded heir first Golden Gramophone.

Personal life
Savelieva met figure skater, Alexei Yagudin at the TV project Ice Age and soon their whirlwind romance began. Just a few months after the first meeting Alexei moved to Sasha. They could speak about their love for hours. But the love was short. Less than a year later the lovers parted. Yagudin soon found his happiness with a colleague Tatiana Totmianina.
In 2009 Sasha met famous Russian actor Kirill Safonov (he is 10 years older than she). The couple married on April 17, 2010. Safonov has daughter Nastya from his first marriage. According to Kirill she was worried when her father was alone and now Nastya is sincerely happy for her parent.
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Alexandra Savelieva